8811 East Jefferson Avenue 1954 and Now

I always prefer to use vintage negatives, photos and slides to show a more accurate view from the streets, but sometimes the only option I have is a postcard. Like this one from the B & B Chevrolet Dealership, in Detroit (MI).

This is the postcard from 1954:

Click to view larger image.
Click to view larger image.

A lot of changes in this area in the last 59 years. The Chevrolet dealership no longer exists and some neighbors buildings as well. In the place of B & B there is one Mc Donald’s restaurant.

Here is the place now from Google Street View

Visualizar Human Street View em um mapa maior

This is our first Human Street View from Detroit [ I really love Detroit! 🙂 ], one of my favorite american cities.

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  1. Hi, this is amazing… I have the original clock from this dealer… take a look at the picture at my instagram: garagesantos
    thank you very much for posting this…

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