Some years ago I have started a small collection of slides, negatives and postals, exchanging then amoung friends or through the internet, even buying from auctions.

That small collection was getting bigger and became a big archive of more than 5000 original slides, some dozens of negative rolls and hundreds of postcards.

Source: Human Street View

I always liked to spend funny hours researching how antique places would transformed to nowadays. So, from this idea I have been comparing pictures of past and present and have decided publish my discovers in the internet: Then and Now.

I do not intent to get any profit through this website, I just want to share it with friends and fans the antique America and the present America, for students, researchers and curious people that desire learn a little bit more about the history of our great nation.

If you aprreciate my work and would like to contribute, I beg you to press the donation button in the right corner of the page and make a donation. Your contribution will help me to increase the archive.