East Colorado Boulevard 60’s and now

When I bought this postcard on eBay was only described in the auction “Vintage Colorado Postcard” but, in fact, this is East Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.

Click to view larger image
Click to view larger image

To indentify this exactly place at the large East Colorado Boulevard was not so hard. I just looked at right side where is a sign with the directions to the “Pasadena Art Musem” and,┬áright above, the road name incomplete “Los Rob“. Very easy to discover the Los Robles Avenue.

Here is how the same place looks in Street View now:

We can notice some differences between the two images. The buildings and stores are more clean now, with not much signs and advertisings. The building from United California Bank is now Le Cordon Bleau (college of culinary arts) and the Star News and Independent antennas are gone.

Which one do you prefer ? The 60’s or now ? Leave a comment.

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