North Highland Avenue 1952 & Now

At the first time I saw this slide I was very confused about the right place. I’ve never been in Los Angeles in my life, so I spent around 20 minutes to find the right place of this photo.

Originally it is in color but due the bad conditions of this very old slide I decided to publish it in black and white. The date is december 1952.

Click to view larger image.
Click to view larger image.

You can see in the photo two famous buildings from this area: The Hollywood United Methodist Church in the middle and the Hollywood First National Building at the right side.

And below, the same place from 1952 at Google Street View. I believe the photo above is located in the corner of North Highland Avenue with Sunset Boulevard. Have a look:

Visualizar Human Street View em um mapa maior

Do you think this is the right place? Please leave a comment.

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