Happy unknown couple in 1958

Hello folks! I am planning to make more frequent updates for now on. And I’ll start today a new category here called “Vintage Album“, where there is no comparative “Then and Now” but great photos from the past directly from my original archives.

The first photography is from 1958 and features a couple in front of a house, somewhere in California. Unfortunately there is no information about the couple in the picture. The car looks like a 1957 Ford Thunderbird.

click to view larger image
click to view larger image

It seems a simple and happy life in the suburbs, huh ?

I’m coming back!


I know, It’s a long time without updates… but finally in january 2nd I’m back with new photographs and comparisons. Without a great film scanner was very hard to prepare new and original content.

But now with my new Plustek Opticfilm 8200i the weekly updates are back! Prepare yourself!

North Highland Avenue 1952 & Now

At the first time I saw this slide I was very confused about the right place. I’ve never been in Los Angeles in my life, so I spent around 20 minutes to find the right place of this photo.

Originally it is in color but due the bad conditions of this very old slide I decided to publish it in black and white. The date is december 1952.

Click to view larger image.
Click to view larger image.

You can see in the photo two famous buildings from this area: The Hollywood United Methodist Church in the middle and the Hollywood First National Building at the right side.

And below, the same place from 1952 at Google Street View. I believe the photo above is located in the corner of North Highland Avenue with Sunset Boulevard. Have a look:

New Arrivals!

I just received another pack of old photographies. This time a small family collection with  around 60 black and white negatives from Washington DC area.

Click to view larger image.
Click to view larger image.

I’m very anxious to publish this new arrivals!

Times Square 1957 & 2013

Sorry for long time without updates. I was busy at work and take a trip to Uruguay and Argentina for a month with my wife. Now I’m back with new updates in a regular basis.

For now, have a look in this photography from Times Square in 1957. When I bought this slide I miss any information about the year of the photo. But the movie “Fire Down Below” and the old Hotel Claridge (left side, at southeast corner of Broadway and 44th street) give me the right idea.

Click to view larger image.
Click to view larger image.