Pretzel anyone ?

I really love when I found slides from travellers. They always show some interesting pictures of public places in a more relaxed way than taken by locals, since tourists always have a different way of portraying the city.

This slide from december 1970 shows a commom everyday scene of Philadelphia. And for many people not be worth a photo, but worth to these three people: one stop to eat some pretzels.

Click to view larger image
Click to view larger image

It is a view from Chestnut Street corner with South Independence Mall in dowtown Philadelphia. The street vendor offer pretzels for a very cheap price considering the current values: 3 for 25 cents.

They’re standing in front of the beautiful Lafayette Building, which at that time operated the Independence Federal Savings. We can also notice two mailboxes on the right side of the photo.

Now let’s see how this corner is now:

Can you notice the differences between 1970 and now? Well, the Independence Federal Savings is no longer there. In its place the name of Intech (construction ?) appears. The newsstand, on the left side, is also no longer there. And the rest seems to have not changed very much in the last 44 years.

Who were these people? And who would be this sympathetic old man selling pretzels? If anyone reading this knows, please contact us to improve the article.

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  1. The pretzel vendor in front of the Lafayette Building is my maternal grandfather William Vogel. He was married to Gladys and had 13 children. My mother Annette was the oldest. At this time my Aunt Flossie McGinnis is The only surviving child. I worked in that building for On-Line Services and saw my grandpop most days during lunch. He also sold pretzels and balloons at the Philadelphia Zoo. Thank you for this picture. I am sharing it with my family.

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