Times Square 1957 & 2013

Sorry for long time without updates. I was busy at work and take a trip to Uruguay and Argentina for a month with my wife. Now I’m back with new updates in a regular basis.

For now, have a look in this photography from Times Square in 1957. When I bought this slide I miss any information about the year of the photo. But the movie “Fire Down Below” and the old Hotel Claridge (left side, at southeast corner of Broadway and 44th street) give me the right idea.

Click to view larger image.
Click to view larger image.

And a completely different Times Square now

Ver Human Street View num mapa maior

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    1. Love that photo. The 2 theaters on the west side of the street were part of the group of 5 to be demolished for the Marriott Marquis. Across the street is Loew’s State. The building was also the headquarters for Loew’s. Once upon a time Loew’s was the parent company of MGM. The movies at these three theaters are all great. The Astor on the corner of 45th street has Fire Down Below, a Caribbean set love triangle with Robert Mitchum, The Victoria has a Hatful Of Rain. Tony Franciosa repeats his role from Broadway for the film. At Loew’s State is the “The Picture That Won’t Be Forgotten, Or Forgiven” The Sweet Smell of Success. One of the greatest movies ever made. Clifford Oddets screen play and they did a good deal of location shooting here in New York. All of these theaters as well as the Hotel Astor are now gone.

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