West Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta – 1970 & 2013

Happy 2014 folks! We are back with a new city added to our blog: Atlanta (GA).

The following picture is from 1970 and show a very different West Peach Street Northwest.

Click to view larger image.
Click to view larger image.

If we compare 1970’s photography with actual capture from Street View we can notice all the car dealers left this area. In that time, at least three different companies are there: Volkswagen (Taurus), Ford (Leader) and Simca/Jaguar (Downing Motors).

Also, in the same side of the street where is the Ford dealer, we have one small building, already demolished, where is stablished a club named Carl’s Dance Club. Below is a more detailed view:

Photographer Unknown / Human Street View Archive

In 2014 West Peachtree NW Street looks like this:

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