World Trade Center 1984 and 2014

The 09/11 is a very painful day in the memory of the United States and in the free world. And no other American symbol best represents the sadness of this day as our twin towers, which collapsed after the terrorist attack.

Today I’m publishing a photo from my personal collection that shows the unforgettable towers of the World Trade Center, seen from the intersection of Broadway and Duane Street in 1984.

click to view larger image
click to view larger image

Now, let’s compare the photo with the image of Google Street View, which is the current view:

We can observe that this corner has suffered very few changes over last 30 years. The most notable change, of course, is the disappearance of the twin towers that have now been replaced by the new World Trade Center. Furthermore, we note the rise of some other buildings near the new World Trade Center buildings.

However, in the corner where the photo was taken, almost nothing has changed except for establishments that replaced others, which is normal after 30 years anywhere in the country.

In the place of Gold Star Pizza now exist the restaurant Petite Abeille. We observe further that in another corner now has a Citibank branch and on the other side of the street, the old shoe store has given way to Lance Lappin Salon. The architecture, however, remained unaltered these past 30 years.

It’s really interesting how some corners of New York have changed so much this same period, while other places remain almost unchanged.

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